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Terms & Conditions

At lime décor, we believe that we can go all the way to keep the business reputation on a high, and it starts with having believed in the terms and conditions of the company. Every customer should believe in the business rules and obey, respect them to ultimately get the best services. We always prioritize people as better service providers, and it worked for all customers who want professional services. Our rule and norms stand firmly behind the reputation, and businesses stand in the marketplace.

We do certain principles and are strongly support providing home décor without breaching the code of conduct. Suppose we notice anyone misuse our online reputation and tarnish our image. We do make an effort to alter their negative plans. Our customers are the successful hand of our business acceleration, and we firmly agree that no third party can break our reputation in the online marketplace. We also require measures and action from those who do not believe in our business terms and regulations. As every business succeeds, you believe in respecting the norms and conditions to continue avail the home décor services.

Lime décor believes that no person can break the law of terms and conditions of the company. It generally disturbs the momentum of business progression and breaks the rules and guidelines that tarnish or spoil its business supremacy and reputation. Therefore, we firmly support making our customers maintain all our business rules and continue to unleash the top-notch services we are eager to provide. Our business success path is a prime example of discipline and obeying the terms and conditions which worked for all customers. We ensure everyone cooperates and stands behind our business rules and principles and support them to continuously render the highest home décor services.